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The future of social media

I am a member of Twitter for last 7 years and I have no hesitation in accepting the fact that I am a great fan of Twitter. I mainly use Twitter for my commercial benefit therefore I do not spend much time on the site directly therefore have never faced any opposition or bad comments like many other active users face frequently.

I have heard about heated exchanges of tweets and retweets on Twitter or even many fights started or settled on a site with almost one billion active users. In fact I am not aware of any of these activities personally but I hear or read about such activities on different social and print media. But that is normal for a website with such a large membership.

I was hearing about a fight going on in between two of our Bollywood superstars  Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan having nothing short of war like situation between them. Actually it all started when the lovely lady Kangana was dropped from a big budget movie and she blamed Hrithink for her ouster. And the bombardment war in form of tweets and retweets began in between fans of both these actors.

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There are tons of people who see the end of social media sites in a near future. I don’t know what is the idea that supports their prediction? Perhaps the fact sites like Myspace have lost their members in a big way or some other companies which were popular until recently have gone in the background but I personally don’t see any probability with Twitter in near future.

What I like about Twitter is that it has very less scope for people discussing their routine life like, “I had a pimple yesterday” or “I had this or that for my lunch or dinner”.  And I what I like most about Twitter is that it has given a proper platform to the bloggers and other people willing to share their work among their followers. In fact, Twitter is a better platform than Facebook in many ways which in my views is more than a mere social media site.

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    • Social media is not going to end. Some social media sites may end. But social media isn't going anywhere unless the Internet comes to an end.

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