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No Time to Write; but living on Facebook

Many of my friends have gone abroad.  Most of them claim that they ‘have no time’ to write.  Sending them emails is pointless; one of them brags about having nine hundred Unread emails.

But they live on Facebook.

Right now, one has posted his usually ridiculous Trump toe licking; (although he’s up in America on a Work VISA which is likely to be withdrawn.   Another is posting his usual commentaries and updates.   The third is putting up photos of the various dance competitions he’s involved in.

But they are Too Busy to answer emails.

I am not talking about logging on at 9 a.m. and posting something about the day; i.e. “Today is Ali’s Birthday”, or “There’s a terrible snow storm,”  I’m discussing people who post every fifteen minutes or so, on nothing whatsoever.

Repost silly signs they’ve seen.   Copying those ‘clever’  statements.   Putting up idiot games, idiot tests, the kind of stuff that a normal person would have to be so bored they are climbing the walls to even read, much less take those so-called ‘tests’.

But they have no time to send an email.

I said to one of them; (he makes a paragraph post every fifteen minutes or so) that why doesn’t he join a writing site.  At least he can put all his thoughts together and post something of some value.

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He told me he ‘doesn’t have time’ to do it.

Doesn’t have time?  He spends all day posting rubbish on Facebook.  Rubbish that people skip past, (there are no comments, no likes) but has no time to post an article.

I’m not talking about when we network something, or make a post about a major event in your life or politically.   I’m discussing rubbish.   Pure waste of keystroke, see and skip, rubbish.

If you have no life, if you were locked into a cell alone… that’s the kind of pointless crud these folks post.

But they have ‘no time’ to write here or even at Mylot.

Facebook has become a kind of toilet of the ‘Net, where people deposit their wastes.


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