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Some Of The Definitions Of Success I Compiled

Can you say that you are a successful person? Can you count your success in life? A while ago during our training, our trainer asked each of us what is our own definition with the word SUCCESS. Big word, right?

In the dictionary, success is defined as the achievement of one’s intention. It can also be the attainment of power, wealth, or fame. And success is when something in your life turns out well.

Below, I compiled all the definitions given by my co-trainees:

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  • Success is when I carried my baby in my womb with a healthy body and I delivered her normally. –Ionee.
  • Success for me is giving my parent’s wish for me to be. –Labs
  • Everything that I’ve done every day and everything that I did for my family is a success for me. –Cristel Joy
  • I have finished my degree course and passed my board. With that achievement, I can say that I am successful.- Darryl
  • When I was healed from diabetes, I can say that it is a success. –Ana May
  • I define success as the biggest event of my everyday life. -Kath
  • I define success as the fulfillment of my everyday goals and plans. –Jenelyn
  • Success is the best part of one’s attainment of dreams. –Nemzie

Everybody has its own definition of success. Your perceptions, your goals, your beliefs, your ambitions, your purpose, and everything you do in life are what make you see the best meaning of success. Success is not just the biggest achievement you have in life, but every single thing you did that is worth it and made sense. By just inspiring other people through advice and encouragement is a success. Success is not to be counted because even the smallest achievement you have when you did it with the best you can, it is still a success.

How about you, how do you give meaning to the word success according to what experiences you have or according to what you think it is?


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