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Monetizing Your Blog When Readers use Adblockers

I think one of the issue many blogs are facing lately is the adblockers. I am sure a lot of people are going to have some issues with the monetization of the blog. You can see that adblocker softwares are basically stealing the money from webmasters. And they are making it harder for many to make revenue online. I am sure with time, it’d be surely worth checking out if you are trying to monetize the blog in such situation. So let’s take a look at some of your options that you can use for monetizing the blog. Do note that people using adblockers for many reasons. So instead of going through that argument. Just take a look at what you can do to make money.


I think instead of giving free content to the people on YouTube, you should have an adblocker. You can make some decent money if people buy the courses from you. Most of the courses that I see online are from the genuine people who want others to learn some things. And that can be done by posting regular content on the website or blog. Just make sure you add the content behind the blog. You should take up the course which teaches others how to learn some stuff.

Sponsored Post

I think this is another most popular way to make money through blogging. The reason it is more useful is because this sort of sponsored posting can be helpful with many small things. You can see that it can help make some quick bucks. You get some publicity by thee brand too. And another thing is that if they allow the affiliate linking then that can make you some money too. So ovrall a good time investment for you to make money with sponsored post or listing. I think for me it made some random money if not regular and it has worked out on so many ways for the website. I also got some traffic with it as well.


Related Post

It is really hard to make money by relying on the donations. Because people don’t tend to help others with that. Most of them just spend the money on other things instead of helping others. So that’s one thing I learned by keeping the donation option out. You may find that donations are not the way to make money. But you can keep it as an option because there are some good souls out there. And they may make it easy for you to make money. I have found that some people who are using the patreon are more successful with that option for now.

Premium Content

I think membership based projects can make some good money. You can find that they can seriously earn you good money too. You can put on monthly or yearly pricing for the premium content. There are times when the premium content can be helpful in such context. You can see that people who trying to build such type of income are going to make recurring money. So that’s something I’d recommend if you are into serious consideration for this skill.

So these are some of my suggestion for making money. Though not all of them beat ads as of yet.

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