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Inspiration to Write: You Need A Music In the Background

I am back in writing. I stopped writing when some new sites that I enjoyed stop counting the views. Now, I try to come back and break my writer’s block. I am writing one article a day on one of my sites and I wonder why I am not starting anything in here.
It is hard when you are having writer’s block because you cannot even start your topic. One thing that I discovered about myself is that I can help myself to start writing when I have a music in the background.
What is the advantage of having music in the background when you are writing?
Music as a background will keep you awake. It will keep you moving. The flows of the music itself are what makes you motivated to go on with whatever you are doing. It will push you to be busy. Most people prefer to have music in the background for enjoyment sake. To keep them away from stress because they can literally sing along.
However, during writing, based on experience, singing along with the music you are hearing from the background delays your writing. It even delays your idea. Maybe your mind is torn of what you should need to follow but this is the real case. Anyway, I have a solution for that one.
Playing music in the background can help you motivated and focus, still. This is only if you will play an upbeat music that you don’t understand. Like me, I play Japanese, Korean and Thailand songs. I don’t understand those songs yet I have a collection of music as my background.
I just need a background music, that is my objective. Background music keeps me awake. The upbeat itself from the music is what makes me moving. I got those songs from some drama series and manga series. Those are the theme songs of those shows. I do memorize most of the lyrics but I don’t know the meaning.
From experience, it helps a lot. I wish to discover more songs from these countries as it really even improves my writing.


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    • It is really good to have a soft music to enhance your writing; it sets the mood, and gives you inspiration.

    • I listen to EDM music while writing. And that is so far my companion for making money while writing. I wish to listen to variety of music and that way I can feel connected too. I also have coffee house sounds and waterfall sounds that I listen to.

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