Frequently Asked Questions

1- Which countries can participate at LiteracyBase?
All countries are eligible to join and earn at LiteracyBase.

2- How do I start my earning at LiteracyBase?
Join LiteracyBase and perform simple tasks mentioned in reward section and start your earnings. Remember, you can earn good amount with qualitative and quantitative contents.

3- Where can I see my total earnings?
Click on your name that comes under “Hello” on the right hand side of the main page. Click on “My History” at the bottom. Here you can see the breakup of your earnings. If you want to see your current available balance then click on “Profile” on the same page. At the bottom you can see your current balance in dollars.

4- Which contents are allowed and which are not?

Your content should abide by our policies.

5- Can I use any affiliate link on my blog or any reference link?
No. You can not use any affiliated link. However, you can only use references to support your content from an authentic source. We will be strictly monitoring it and can disable your account in case of any activity against the interest of LiteracyBase.
6- Is there any kind of limit on my daily earnings?
No, there is no limit on your daily, weekly or monthly earnings.

7- What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can redeem?
You can redeem minimum of $10 from your rewards upto no limit. You can redeem all your earnings but should be greater then $10 for PayPal option and $20 through Payoneer.

8- How can I Redeem my rewards?

You can easily redeem your rewards through PayPal or Payoneer. If you do not have one of these then go to the link for quick signup and start redeeming your rewards.

9- How often is this amount updated?

At LiteracyBase, earnings are updated automatically using our complex algorithm. The algorithm will calculate your earnings based on the quality and quantity of your contents and therefore each individual will have a different earning amount. Your post will be approved / disapproved by our moderator after 24 working hours. You can see the status of your post on your dashboards.

10- How to register my payment option on LiteracyBase?
Once you have made your account at PayPal or Payonner, you need to add your payment information at LiteracyBase. First click on your name that comes under “Hello” on the right hand side of the main page. Click on Profile tab below and then click on edit. Select the payment option (PayPal or Payoneer) and write down your registered email ID of your PayPal / Payoneer account and then click on Save Changes.


11- When will i get my payment?
You will get your payment on every 10th of the upcoming month once you redeem. For example, you redeem your reward on 22nd of February, then you will receive your payment on 10th of March.


12- In case I face any kind of issue, such as technical or any discrepancy in my earning, etc, who should i contact?
If you face any issue then contact us through our portal with complete details of the issue, along with your profile details so that we can investigate. Your issue will be resolved in 7 working days.

13- What Should I do? If I find someone is cheating or spamming on Literacybase.
If you find someone, who is cheating or spamming on literacybase then do report abuse, we have design special rewards for our users who help us clean literacybase from spammers. Our Quality management team will reward you once they find out that you have reported the authentic spammer.

14- I have some questions to ask which are not present in FAQs, what should i do?

Email your questions and concerns by using our contact portal and we will get back to you on your concern within 7 working days.