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7 Ways To Take Your Passion And Make Money Off It The Right Way, By Blogging About It

My niece has a business like this. She has her website, but she never tells me how she does the process. She just tells me that is her secret. She is very excited daily for according to my niece, she has many clients now. How I really like to know how she apply for a web.

There are countless times that a applied to blog site, but I failed, yes, and that is every time I want want to have my own website. I know that there are so many there, but I do not trust them, they immediately asked money when no transaction happen yet. The website of my niece is full of blogs. She writes blogs and she gains many visitors and some likes her blogs and buys her blogs. What a very nice business, but sad, my niece never wants me to know. I may call her selfish, LOL.

There is no difficulty telling me the procedures plus, it is my money I am going to capitalize, not hers. I hope someday, I will know. Then from an advice of a business friend, I realize that having a business makes life wonderful.

I have learned the following in case you like to open up a business establishment. What to do?  These are the following: 7 ways to take your passion and make money off it the right way, by blogging about it.

1. Find your market. Where shall you find our market? Well, there is a need for you to advertise your blogging business. Maybe, you have to gather data, conduct a research how to gain customers of your business and they might be your usual customers.

2. You use social media to reach out. This is it now the entry of your favorite media sites. Will it be Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more.What do you notice in your Facebook page, lots of ads seen there competing, selling and making social rounds just to advertise their products . You also wonder how they enter onto your Facebook page, so incredible. You try a media site and find out the results . It may not be right away. It takes time though.You just need extra patience, perseverance and consistency if you want to become successful.

3. Create  a give away to build your email list. If you have knowledge about this, apply it.There is so much time to do this, but after everything is done, you will be relieved to see the flow of your site. Focus and perseverance must be always on you. You must also be consistent of what you are doing.

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4. Set up your own blog site. If you know how to create a blog site like at Simple Site, then it will be there where your friends tested in those media sites and emails will visit your blog site and read your blogs.

5. Make  sure to blog daily. It is up to you as to how many blogs will you write in your blog site. It is your own, so you would like to gain profit by creating awesome and most in demand category blogs.

6. You use video for greater to your desired blog site.This is the best strategy to do so , so people will believe you. They will also see you direct through the computer screen. They can judge you right away as honest and having integrity.This is what we usually observe online business offer, video presentation that takes hours to finish.

7. Lastly, don’t forget to ask your audience to buy! This may sound strange to include this, but many new online marketers simply don’t ask. If you are blogging to make money from your passion, but do not ask your audience to buy,  then your blog remains a hobby and not a serious business.

So good luck to your endeavor…

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    • There were many attempts I had done to create my own web site for a free web creation like Simple Site .com, but after I created my web there, they messaged me to pay them hahahaha, so funny. Before I started it by following some instructions , I saw the very amazing result, but they required me to pay according to payment choices which i did not do for they violated the agreement. Why should I pay when I do not know if that site is genuine or not. That is why until now no website of my own. But my niece paid the web site domain. I am also willing to pay but she never tells me how.

    • I have a blog site but stopped doing the activities there. I cannot find a good market for it. In time, I will focus more on writing stunts.

    • @Shavkat, Really? That falls to number 1-3 of the steps to do in order to gain clients to buy our blogs.You should have maintain it my friend for as days go by, people may pass by your blog site and who knows if they want to buy your blogs.
      By the way, can you share me how to create a blog site. I want to have my own so I can post there all my poem. I composed almost 1,000 poems and they scatter anywhere hehehe. Maybe some were plagiarized by some readers like students for their class activities.

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