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The United States and the Behaviors

Perhaps the United States isn’t stern when it comes to punishments and by allowing so many to continue to be disorderly the country will continue to suffer declines. What I’ve noticed is that there’s so many longing for attention. Perhaps that’s why so many commit the crimes they’re continuously committing. “How can a country become whole when there’s so many unwilling to be cooperative?” (Tanikka Paulk. Could stricter laws prevent individuals from being disorderly? There should at least be stronger “leadership” and law enforcement agencies willing to enforce the laws.

My journey is riddled with individuals lacking understanding some continuously cause disruptions. There should be more focus on creating a more stabilized economy so that the chaos could cease. To be able to be composed when facing so many disorderly persons is truly a skill. Really it isn’t easy having to deal with cynics especially on a daily basis. The prison rate will increase because there’s so many criminals. Perhaps if there were more enforcement then there would be less committing crimes. The crime rate increases when there’s less “enforcement.”

if the persons are allowed to continue their behaviors then that’s what they’ll do. If there are little to no enforcement then they’ll continue to become even more disorderly. “Just observe” and notice how some behave. To think that an entire country could be so out of control is amazing. What they’re failing to realize is that they’re ruining the futures. There are so many unwilling to accept certain leaderships. They’ll go against the grain instead of trying to unify. “The United States is Proven to be an Out of Controlled Country.” (Tanikka Paulk).

What will they do next? It appears as though there is no reasoning with the individuals. No matter what’s projected they’ll always disagree. There has to be some good around? Indeed there is and certainly there has to be more willing to advocate. There’s way too many injustices within the United States. There should be focus on what connecting. They’ll even dispute diversity. There are thoughts of creating a better society, country, and communities. What has been promised haven’t received any effort.

Persons willing to make the efforts to create a stronger society are the ones demonstrating true courage. Too many continue to try to disrupt progress instead of trying to create togetherness. There’s so much bickering. There’s more chatter “about a leadership position” and whom should hold the position. Too many unwilling to accept the choices made. The country needs to receive proper attention. Allowing the destruction to continue will only cause an Nation to crumble. There has to be further developments and the enforcement must occur.

My Position Hasn’t Been Accepted but I’m Unwilling to Give in.

“The Employer Of The United States and Worldwide=Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk Employer Of The United States and Worldwide=Tanikka Paulk

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“In Order to Hold a Leadership Position There has to be Some Agreeing of the Position Positions.” (Tanikka Paulk)





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