Understanding the Debt Ceiling: Its Impact, Importance, and Implications

In the vast economic arena, one term that often takes center stage, inciting extensive debates and discussions, is the "debt… Read More

1 year ago

Risen and Shall Rise Again

How many rappers have accomplished what Tupac Shakur has accomplished? There are some continuing to try and accomplish as much… Read More

6 years ago

A Hypothesis about the Future World Politics Trend

It is true that today the United States have no absolute control over the international scenario, as had happened after… Read More

7 years ago

Don’t Have to Look far at all

\There's shows which display some of the most ridiculous criminals. Some aren't smart at all. It's amazing how many will… Read More

7 years ago

THIS is a blog why didn’t i know this

Ok so my husband who has to have his friend instal games onto his computer and has actually though that… Read More

7 years ago

Politics is not Only Tricky but can be Damaging

There are some great politicians who really do care about the well being of others. However there are some who… Read More

7 years ago

Who’s Going To Win The French Presidential Election On May 7, 2017?

Will it be Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen who is going to be the next French President? These two… Read More

7 years ago

Don’t Allow the Injustices to Linger on

There's a lot of injustices which need our attention. So many don't seem to be in tuned with wanting  to… Read More

7 years ago

Does Russia see dead gassed children and do they care. instead they think of how bad america is for hitting at Syrian killers for a criminal act of assassinating innocent children.

France says it is still seeking a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria and that negotiations are a priority over… Read More

7 years ago

Refrain From the Sins of The Fathers It Hinders Procreation.

The sins of the fathers refer to the breaking of religious or moral laws especially through willful acts of wickedness.… Read More

7 years ago